Is it time to get a Kindle?

I’ve been wondering whether or not to get a Kindle lately. I know no one else besides me who is reading this right now really cares about whether I get a Kindle or not, but as I told you in my introductory post, this blog isn’t really for you anyway so why are you here? Just kidding, at any rate I have just seen that the price has been reduced to $259. Seems like a good deal, but I am still a bit worried that when the Apple Tablet comes out, I will be forced to abandon the Kindle and more importantly any books I have purchased for the Kindle if they’re not compatible with my beautiful new Steve Jobs-designed book-reader-and-more. Then again, I have already tried out the Kindle for iPhone app and bought a few books to try out on it, so maybe there will be a way to bridge the content from one device to the other.

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