Remember this prediction

From Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne’s latest column on health care, comes this prediction:

The bill before the Senate would cut the deficit, not increase it, and would stabilize or reduce health care premiums for most people, not raise them. The proposal contains serious cost-control measures that can be built on over time. Passing health care reform is thus not only morally necessary, but also fiscally responsible.

If the Senate bill passes, I’ll send a note to Mr. Dionne asking him for a mea culpa when this prediction does not pan out. Part of my fascination though, not just with this column but with much of political conversation, is how people like this actually seem to believe what they’re saying. What amount of evidence is needed to convince such a person that the unintended consequences of government action will end up doing far more harm than the good intentions? I’m sure that more people will likely have access to health insurance if the health care “reform” legislation passes, but at what cost? It’s simply preposterous to think that it will be free.

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