Blog is back and moved to WordPress

Hi everyone. My blog Strange Frontier is back and I’ve moved to WordPress. I will deactivate the Blogger site very shortly. So much to blog about and yet, every time I actually have time to compose a new post, I seem to have forgotten all of the topics I wanted to discuss. Similar to the phenomenon where every time you go out to dinner, you forget about all of those different places you were wanting to try and end up going to the same restaurants over and over again.

I have been on Twitter (@Duane1024) a lot more in the past year, which explains some of the break from blogging. However, Twitter is definitely not good for anything substantive unless you are linking to a full blog post on another site. I will probably try to go back and re-read some of my previous links from Twitter to see if there are good articles I want to write up more thoughts about here on the blog.

In the meantime, welcome back to Strange Frontier.

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